Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo: Health Issues and Aftercare

healing tattoo using indian science

Tattoo aftercare using the Indian healing system is an essential thing to learn in case you want to avoid complications and harmful side effects. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget this important point.

  • But first, what do you know about tattoo designs?

Indeed, tattoo designs could be subtle and cute like dolphin tattoo designs or have an enigmatic look like Egyptian tattoos. And they depend on the part of the body they adorn. For example, wrist tattoo designs could tend to imitate the bracelet look with intertwining slender images. Whereas tattoos on forearms could be more of symbolism and that is why forearms are good places for zodiac tattoo designs.  

Furthermore, tattoos -like henna tattoo designs- could also be feminine and trendy at the same time. Any way, whatever the design is, you should be very careful and look after your tattoo to avoid any undesired consequences.  

  • How does tattoo aftercare start?

It starts by the artist himself who should cover the drawing with a bandage after applying an ointment. This should be kept on for at least 4 hours and, during this time period, there should not be any contact to water. All these precautions are necessary to avoid infection through the fresh bruise.

  • So, what should you be careful of?

One must be really careful of soaps, lotions, and liquid sprays. Using such chemicals must be avoided as there is a good chance that they imbibe some of the ink and suck it out. Normally, the skin’s part -where tattoos are present- should be handled with a towel to make it dry. In addition, accidental scratching could lead to opening up of the abrasion.

  • What is the most important thing that a lot of people usually forget?

Tattoos should always be covered under the sun. Indeed, direct sunlight could steal the brightness of the ink. And this is the last thing you want to have as hazy tattoos do not leave any impact.

  • What does tattoo aftercare significantly involve?

It involves using an ointment to keep your skin slightly moist, but not wet. In addition, special creams are used to keep your skin open to the wind, but not to the sunlight. Furthermore, contact with rough cloth must be avoided as it could cause itch and irritation. Hence, it is recommended to get your design painted on places where there is no cloth, e.g. neck or wrists. Also, you can get a drawing printed on your lower-back in case you are going to have beach holidays.

  • What can I personally recommend?

Bacitracin ointment is one of the products for tattoo aftercare with less allergic reactions. Online chat rooms tell us that many of people are satisfied with it and they did not experience any inflammation problems.

  • What is my last tip for you?

If you are interested to get drawings painted on your body, then it is highly recommended to think globally. This means that you should not only care about the design, but you should also think of how to keep your drawing looks nice. Recently, we published an article about art and healing, check it here.

Use Folk Paintings As a Medicine!

Finding Art in Medicine has been well known since long time ago. India is considered as a land of traditions, art and cultures. Traditional heritage of the country has been carried forward by credible craftsmen over the years.

Many of the art pieces and paintings have taken birth from the folk and tribal traditions. These exotic drawings have derived not only from the tradition; it is also embedded with the rich history of the country. Therefore, possessing a folk painting is generally seen as a prize.

art and medicine

Diverse patterns are observed with these folk arts. It is possible to come across oil classics, miniatures, calendar images and wall figures in cave walls. Subjects of this health based art are taken mostly from the epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Purana. In some occasions, pictures of daily village life have been imprinted on the canvas as well. Uses of natural colors are seen in most of this art and that is why it does help to overcome some health issues. Canvas for these folk art is also vibrant. Pictures are often drawn in the earthen pots, clothes, papers and mud walls.

  1. Patachitra

From the term “Pata”, material for the folk painting is described which is cloth. The word “Chitra” means painting quite naturally. It is a folk painting that has arrived from the state of Orissa that is placed on the eastern part of India. Utilization of gauzed cloth is seen with these paintings.

The cloth is generally strengthened with the assistance from tamarind paste, gum and chalk powder. Intricate designs and motifs are generally drawn on the dyed canvas. In most occasions, Patachitra describes incidents from Ramayana and Mahabharata in addition to folklores of Lord Jagannath.

Presence of the Patachitra in Indian culture can be found from the 5th Century BC. The art has been initiated and developed in the Raghurajpur which is placed close to Puri, Orissa. Similar kind of paintings can be found in the walls of Konark that is created in the 18th Century. However, it has developed with the Jagannath Temple later.

  1. Madhubani

Regional art of Bihar has taken center stage with the Madhubani Painting. It is also known as Maithili drawings as it has created in Mithila. Prominence of geometrical design is seen in these images. One of the characteristics of this effort is beautiful and expressive eyes in addition to vibrant environment. Tale of Lord Krishna is depicted with these drawings generally. Pictures are traditionally drawn on the wall for beautification.

  1. Miniature

Based on size of work, the name has been offered to this folk painting. However, things are captured minutely in these pictures. Influence of Mughal art is seen as well. Incidents and events related to the Mughal dynasty is created through these miniatures.

Brushwork of intricate nature in addition to vibrant colors is the characteristics of this art which does help to improve your cognitive abilities. Silver, Gold, Coach Shells and Precious Stones are generally used as the backdrop. Development of the folk art is seen from the 16th to 19th Century. Later on, the styles have been incorporated by the Hindu Rajputs and Sikhs. Miniature drawings can be found in preserved manner in several Mughal architectures.

Art and Healing

Can Art be A Medicine?

How to choose paintings online to heal with?

For transforming decoration of the home easily, Indian painting can be found online. Personal space can be given much needed twist. Unique collection can be built in order mesmerize the guest completely. Surroundings are made different with these paintings naturally.

Sophisticated and classic look is often given to the house with the inclusion of an incredible painting. By adding this health related drawings, ethnicity and exotic nature of the houses are enhanced. However, it is not possible to find exact paintings for home walls easily.

In order to buy this item for the decoration of house, it is better to go through a detailed research beforehand. Understanding of the items can be increased further in the process. During decision making, confidence can be gathered without any threadbare.

Different kinds of Indian paintings are often selected for various rooms of the house. From each painting, specific things can be pointed out. Meaning of the painting generally varies with each person. Therefore, confusion is observed to find a perfect art piece.

From the article, it is possible to gather an idea about the things you must look for while shopping online.

Collect information

Research for the purchase of Indian painting can be done through a little bit of online surfing. Tension over the issue is often reduced with the proper amount of research. Problems may not been observed in the future with detailed research. Certification for originality must be collected in order to become sure about the art piece. Fake art must not be considered in any given occasion. Embarrassment is often invited with the fake art in the house. Therefore, it can be considered one of the prime points behind painting purchase.

Inform Yourself about the available types

Each drawing, especially those which are related to cognitive abilities, differs from others. Some of the paintings are created with the base of surrealism and others may have incorporated pop art, conceptual art, abstract art, photorealism, futurism or hyperrealism. It is better to select the art form of the painting based on the overall decoration of the house.

Browse through the art galleries

By browsing through the art galleries, you can become aware about Indian paintings. Therefore, lots of prominent galleries must be chosen for the occasions. In due time, panache and quality of the art work can be distinguished.

Read reviews on each artist and gallery

In order to arrive at a better position regarding an artwork, groundwork must be done differently. Interesting and exclusive Indian paintings can be bought. Reviews can be read from diverse sources to acquire an idea about the subject. I also urge you to check The Foundation of Art and Healing.

Price and Budget

Most of the Indian artists work day and night to present their art in best fashion. Therefore, proper worth of the artwork must be offered. Most of these drawings start from 1 Lakh INR. However, these prices are seen for the new aspiring artist from the field. According to the budget, you can look at the Indian art and its health benefits for the purpose of purchase. In case, you do not have budget to buy artwork from renowned painters then upcoming artists can be tried for best possible result.

Finding Medicine in the Indian Madhubani Art

By looking through the small village of Maithili in Bihar, it is possible to discover one of the hidden treasures of Indian folk art. Most of the village women have earned excellence in Madhubani art as it is generally created in the walls of houses.

healing with medicine

Both the dreams and hopes are reflected with these illustrations beautifully. On special occasions such as weddings, walls are decorated with this kind of health related art. However, the art has crossed the boundary of the state Bihar with time. From different parts of the world, connoisseurs of such a health related art can be found. From the international level, its demand has been noticed in recent times.


Traditionally, Madhubani art is generally created on the mud walls. However, the art has evolved over the years. Therefore, the art form can be found in the piece of cloth, canvas and handmade papers now-a-days. Similar kind of style has been seen from this art form as it has been originated from a particular location. Three-dimensional depictions are presented with the Maithili art. From the organic sources such as plants, colors for the paintings are created. Utilization of the chemical as color has been rejected strictly.

Mythological incidents from the Ramayana are found mainly through the Madhubani art. Mention of the art is seen from the time of Ramayana as the decoration of Sita’s wedding is created through it.

Themes for Painting

Most of the pictures are drawn by taking inspiration from the Hindu God and Goddesses such as Rama, Krishna, Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi and Shiva. However, presence of natural elements can be found in these paintings as well. Prominence of Moon, Sun and holy plants like Tulsi can be seen.

Event from the royal weddings, courts and other kinds of social events are also used as the theme for the art. In some occasions, empty spaces are noticed around the main theme, it is generally filled with the geometric designs in addition animals, flowers and interesting colorful motifs.

art and medicine


In diverse quarters of society, Madhubani art is utilized differently. Following styles are seen in most occasions.

Bharni Style: Uses of bright colors are seen with this medicine based art for the Brahmins.

Geru Style: From the lower section of society that is harizan, use of this style has been observed. For the material of this art, papers are cleaned with the cow dung. Earthy colors are seen with the paintings.

Kachni Style: The Kayastha uses the style of the Madhubani art. Muted color is one of the characteristics in addition to fine lines and figures.

Godhna style: On the black backdrops, paintings are done with symbols.

How this kind of Painting is made?

For the brush, cotton is utilized that is placed on the top of bamboo stick. In order to create black color, use of cow dung has been observed. By amalgamating secretion from Banyan leaves and turmeric, yellow color is made. Indigo is seen best option for the color blue and red sandalwood for the color red.

Indian Paintings for Sale

If you are looking to purchase the best abstract painting for the beautification of your house then proper strategy must be utilized for desirable result. On the basis of your request, paintings are generally searched by the curator. Selection of the work is presented in front. However, you can also browse online for credible results. Complete advisory service is offered in the process. For saving time, assistance from the advisory services is often taken.

Find The Best Abstract Painting for Sale!

  1. Finding proper art galleries

From the credible source, names of the effective art galleries are collected for the sale of online arts. Recommended art galleries by the experts and curators are targeted in most occasions.

For an artist, it is not enough to send portfolio to these art galleries after obtaining the names through advertisement. In order to understand about the possibilities with these art galleries, adequate and extensive research can be done through online and magazines. By obtaining a strategy, names of the best galleries can be found. Preference is often given to a specific kind of painting by each art gallery. Therefore, following criteria must be given preference.

cognition and art

  • Artist convinces the galleries about the medium of painting. Therefore, more importance is given on the craft instead of sales.
  • Styles that are requested by the buyers in most occasions must be offered to the galleries. Therefore, customers always prefer to go with this kind of arts especially that they help to heal health issues and improve the cognitive abilities. Due to this reason, for an abstract painting you must not approach a realistic gallery.
  • Trusted and reputed art galleries are considered the best option in the process. In order to know about the reputation of the art gallery, advice from the friends can be taken.
  • Targeted galleries must be confident enough to generate sales. Perfect strategy must be implemented in order to find best collections available for sale.
  1. Understanding the quality of artwork

Do you have a realistic goal in the mind? Galleries that are connected with the master craftsmen must be communicated in the process. Quality of the abstract painting can be guaranteed in the process. It is better to look at the abstract painters that have taken minimum six months for a painting. Best galleries always look to find quality painting. It cannot be considered as an ambitious thing.

Look for a gallery that gives utmost importance to the quality of painting instead other aspects related to it. Comfortable relation with the galleries is also necessary.

  1. Look at the lists of artists

Lists of artists attached with a gallery can be checked to find a credible painting. Networking is essential to locate the best from the market. It is better to meet on the same plain for a satisfied experience from the both ends. By communicating with more number of people, confusion over the painting can be decreased. Professional and expert help can be taken for desired result.

Last Tip:

Concentration over the abstract painting is seen in the recent years. Popularity of this kind of arts and its effect of the health issues is often compared with the contemporary art. Also, have you ever heard about the connection between cognition and art. Check this article to know how art could help to improve children’s development.