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Indian Textures Society does every possible effort to bring you the most updated knowledge about painting your house and how to choose the best local contractors. Painting your house can be a great pain unless you hire the right experts and that is our role. According to your location (zip code), we will connect you to the closest painting contractor who will get your house painted professionally and at very affordable rates.

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This website does not install any kind of software on your PC, nor does it show any ads or banners.¬† Please go ahead and browse the website right and left without being worry about any browsing issues. We keep an eye on our site’s speed and have almost 100% up time. You may download the articles, save them to your local PC, or print them. However, if you want to republish or redistribute the articles, please go ahead and do it providing that you will provide us the credit for that content. You may link back to the home page, corresponding post, or even mentioning the name of the website is enough.

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Based on our blogging experience, it is not possible to cover a complete topic in only one website especially if it is complex like how to find the best local painting contractors in the US. Therefore, we have to brief the main message here and link to external sources for more details. In this regard, we make sure that the sites Рwe link to Рare educational ones and not harmful in any way. We keep an eye on the linked sites to make sure that they are not harmful and adhere to our guidelines. If one sites does not stick to those guidelines  Рfor example they show ads or link to harmful websites Рwe will then delete their links from our blog.

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In a nutshell, we do not install any kind of software or programs on your computer. Cookies are typically used to identify returning visitors to show them Рbased on their history Рrelevant ads. We do not show popup ads, nor do we advertise any products. Also, we do not log any kind of information that is related to the user, e.g. IP, location, etc. 

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All in all, we do hate spam as you do and everyone does. It is all on you if you spam us with any kind of malware content or affiliate offers. In this case, your email ID will be blocked and your IP will be banned. You may go head and post comments on whatever articles you like. However, in this sense, any kind of insulting is strictly prohibited. Comments that do not adhere to the site’s guidelines will be deleted without any notice. If you choose to comment on our site, your email ID will be stored but not used for any commercial purposes, nor will it be forwarded to any third party like Email marketing companies.